Hydrograph and Components of Hydrograph Explanation with Notes

Hello Everybody in this post we will discuss Hydrograph and its components and the definition of unit hydrograph which may be helpful to Engineering Hydrology students.

unit Hydrograph and Components of hydrograph

What is Hydrograph?

A hydrograph is the graphical representation of the discharge of the river to a specific Time period.

Explain the Unit hydrograph?

Unit Hydrograph is a Direct runoff Hydrograph resulting from one unit of net rainfall or precipitation distributed over an area.

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Points Covered in this Post :

  1. What is hydrograph
  2. Components of hydrograph 
  3. Unit hydrograph
  4. Flood hydrograph
  5. The Area of hydrograph represents
  6. Synthetic unit hydrograph in next post
  7. hydrograph components etc.,

I Hope everybody understood the basic concept of hydrograph and its components easily if you want to understand Hindi you can search from our YouTube channel or click the below video to reach that video and understand the concepts of hydrograph and hydrology. Follow us on YouTube and the Website for more interesting topics and comment below to post more content from your side.

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