Know Monkey pox symptoms,Cases in India,Treatment,Vaccine,prevention,outbreak etc.,

Monkey pox is An Viral Infectious Disease occur in Animals and Humans. Around 18000+ Cases registered across the globe of monkey pox. Is any Monkey pox symptoms happens? Lets See in this post!!

Monkey Pox Symptoms ?

Symptoms begin from 5 to 21 days after the infection happen or transmitted.


Headache,Fatigue,fever,flu and resemble Chickenpox,Small pox in the neck,ear and in the body parts.

Monkey Pox Symptoms and cases in india

Monkey Pox Prevention

  1. Don't Share Food cups with Infected.
  2. Avoid Sex,kiss,Hug,cuddle etc with Infected.
  3. Avoid touching the Rashes of a person infected.

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Monkey Pox Cases in India

Currently India has 4 cases confirmed and one case is suspected from Uttar Pradesh as per Zee news on 28 July,2022.

  • Monkey pox cases in india will be updated weekly or monthly.

Monkey Pox cases in world

Around 18000+ cases confirmed all over the world as on 28 July,2022.Monkey pox Cases will be updated weekly here.

Monkey Pox Treatment and Monkey Pox Vaccine?

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  • There is no Accurate or proven treatment for the treatment of monkey pox, but the severe case of the monkey pox can be treated with the vaccine which contain (VIGIV) Vaccine Immune Globulin Intravenous.
  • Monkey pox vaccine is the antibodies taken from the people who have overcome the smallpox disease which contain immunize blood.

Monkey Pox Prevention?

As mentioned Above steps in the Precautions avoid skin to skin contact mainly and Avoid using clothes,Items etc., of the infected.

Monkey Pox Spread and Outbreak ?

  • Monkey pox spread from mainly skin to skin contact and possible from touching clothes etc.,
  • Monkey pox is an viral infection was confirmed on May 2022, The Outbreak 1st case was found in United Kingdom and confirmed detected on May 6,2022 links from the Nigeria.

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Conclusion on Monkey Pox Disease in India:

We Have discussed the Viral infection Monkey Pox Symptoms,Monkey pox cases in India, Monkey pox Precautions & Monkey Pox Vaccine or Monkey pox Treatment etc., 

People Also Search For:

  • Does Monkey Pox Spread from Person to person ?

Yes, Monkey pox spread from person to person mainly during skin to skin contact,kissing,hugging,Sex etc.,

  • How I can protect from Monkey pox?

Avoid Contact directly with infected or if any one who has rashes etc., Eat Immunity Increasing fruits and vegetables etc.,

  • what is monkey pox?

An viral infection occur to humans and animals and leads to chicken pox and small pox etc around 1 to 10% people infected has died from monkey pox.

  • how monkey pox transmitted?

By Skin to skin contacting and Sexual activities mainly.

  • Can Small Baby cause Monkeypox?

There is a high chance of the young children to get infected by monkey pox but successive precautions may not get the disease.

  • Is there any Monkeypox test?

There are some tests that can find whether disease caused or not!

I Hope Guys this Post is very Informative do share with your Family members and friends such that they can be aware from this disease.

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