Precipitation Meaning and Forms of precipitation in Hydrology

Precipitation is the Most Important concept in civil engineering and mainly Everybody is searching precipitation meaning etc. Welcome to this amazing post, In this post we'll discuss the concept of precipitation in simple language and study precipitation reactions with various forms.

What is Precipitation in Simple words?

Fall of Moisture from atmosphere to the earth surface in Solid or liquid form Ex: Rain etc.,

precipitation meaning

Forms of precipitation :

There are Different forms of Precipitation mainly
  1. Rain
  2. Snow
  3. Drizzle
  4. Glaze
  5. Rime
  6. Hail
  7. Sleet
  8. Snowflakes

Drizzle: Raining Slowly or Moderately is called Drizzle
Ex: Rain Drops Under 0.5 mm diameter.

Rain: Water Droplets coming from Atmosphere is Rain
Ex: Droplets having diameter > 0.5 mm & less than 6 mm.

Glaze: Drops freeze when fallen from atmosphere to the surface and make Ice coating.

Sleet: Rain water turns ice when it connected to the atmosphere

Snow: Ice Crystals that falls directly from atmosphere to the Earth Surface.

Hails: Lumps of Ice comes from the atmosphere 
Diameter is more can be upto 5 mm

Rime: Ice forms when Water liquid substance freeze onto the surface.

Snowflakes: Ice crystals that appear in an infinite variety of shapes.

Types of Precipitation:

Precipitation Mainly Classified into 
  • Convectional precipitation.
  • Orographic Precipitation.
  • Cyclonic Precipitation.

Points I Covered in the Post:

what is precipitation?
what is forms of precipitation?
what is during post precipitation?
what is cyclonic precipitation?
what is precipitation hardening?
Explain precipitation reactions example?
Hindi meaning of precipitation?
What is convective precipitation?
what is orographic precipitation?

Stay Tuned for More.

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