World's First Sustainable Electric Vehicle Motor Invented by Florida Teen

Senior at Florida's Stronghold Penetrate Focal Secondary School Robert Sansone was born to create. His physical manifestations range from springy sprinting legs to a go-kart that can reach speeds of 70 mph.


His most recent project, however, aims to address a global problem: the unreasonableness of electric engines, which use rare earth elements that are expensive, nonrenewable, and climate-polluting during the mining and refining processes.


World's First Sustainable Electric Vehicle Motor Invented by this Florida Teen and Won Amazing Reward

Sansone used the simultaneous hesitance engine, an electrical turning device that converts electrical power into mechanical power, as inspiration to come up with a solution. The engine is currently used in modern applications, doesn't require rare earth elements, but it also can't provide enough power to propel electric vehicles. It required 15 models.

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Sansone's contribution in the 2022 Regeneration International Science and Engineering Fair earned him a $75,000 scholarship. He claims he'll use his riches to subsidies the cost of his undergraduate education.

Sansone discusses the challenges he faced and the successes he experienced while working to develop the first sustainable electric vehicle motor in this 74 Interview.

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