(Updated) 7 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2022 - 100% Earning

Hello Viewers, Everybody Searching How to Earn money online in india for Students but due to lack of knowledge maximum people fall prey to fraud. Earning money online needs two important points Research and Hard Work. We have to find that the Process is genuine or it is fake and if you want to earn money online that's the most hard working way as compared to Offline working,So guys Welcome to another Article of Educational tips.

So guys this is Imran and in this article i will discuss 7 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India or any other countries, By using this methods you can earn money genuinely.

Quick Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India - 2022

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Free Lancing
  5. Share Market
  6. PPD Network
  7. Affiliate Marketing

Detailed Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India

  • Blogging

How to Earn money online in india for Students

The first way to earn money online is Blogging,as many of you heard about blogging it is one of the website in which time to time you can publish your articles. Working in the blogging field first of all you have to choose one topic in which you have to work at a specified topic that might be health,Technology,Law etc., You can Start blogging by the Google Blogger Platform at free of cost and if you have some amount you can shift to WordPress.

 Making blog you didn't need to have the knowledge of Coding and programming once you setup your blog or website you can place ads from google Ad sense or from the other ads placing sites you can earn a handful of income. Since i have worked in Educational blog like All Exam Updates etc., Now coming to most important points that is earning,you can earn thousands of lakhs of money that depends on how much your blog is famous. The more your blog is famous the more is your Income.

  • YouTube

How to Earn money online in india for Students

The second way to Earn money online is YouTube,If you have any talent and if you can make content full videos then you should create A you tube channel,When your YouTube channel seeks to growing on the peeks then you can place ads or by Affiliate marketing or from the Sponsorship you can make a handsome Income.

     You can visit our official YouTube channel in which you can learn a lots of you tube tips and Blogging tips. By the help of you tube channel you can earn money if any person sees your videos with or without skipping your ads working on you tube to the placing of ads required a basics requirement that is 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours watch time that would be easy if you post daily 1 video 60 days. The most Important part of growing you tube channel is consistency take a challenge that you will post a minimum 1 video daily. Then you can Earn By Google Ad sense.

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  • Face-book Page

How to Earn money online in india for Students

Another Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment is FB Page,You might have seen different types of pages in FB in which you can find different types of Links,News and what do you think in FB the pages is created for time pass? The Hard work done on those pages and making popular is for only time pass purpose? Not at all!

     The Pages created on Facebook are used for earning purpose if you have created a page on page on FB, The Face book won't pays you but when your page will be famous then by placing Affiliate link,sponsorship etc., you can earn a massive income.

  • Free Lancing

How to Earn money online in india for Students

Another Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment is Free Lancing. Online Free Lancing meant you can sell your talent online you can sell any service like Writing,App development,Designing,Website development etc.,

     The most popular free lancing websites are Fiverr,Freelancer,Hire writers and i writer. Create your account from any of the sites and add your detail in profile that what service you want to give and place a bid per your service and complete your work within time and withdraw cash that you have earned per a specified work.

The 1st Prefer to best ways to Earn money online in India without investment is Free Lancing.

  • Share Market

How to Earn money online in india

Everybody have heard about Share Market known for Instant and massive way to make cash but in this the percentage of earning is equal to percentage of Loss. You have the risk in the Share market you have to buy shares from low price after the price increases you have to sell.

You can earn Massive income by using share market if you won't have the complete knowledge of share market you can see from my favorite channel Dr Vivek Bindhra. Hope you can earn massive Knowledge and Income using Share Market and is considered as another Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment.

  • PPD Network

How can a student earn money online

The Meaning of PPD Network is Pay per Download by using this network if you upload any file if someone downloads that file you will get Income. The members who are downloading the file they have to complete the survey after completing the survey the file will be downloaded and you will get the Income specified to that file.

     You can upload any type of file like software's,Applications,Paid videos etc.,You will get the share able link then you can share it on Facebook,Twitter,whats app groups,YouTube etc., By using these ways you can earn a massive income legally by sitting in any country.

  • Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn money online without investment

Affiliate Marketing means by selling others products you can earn some commission,you didn't need to buy that product the process of selling is done online and you will get some commission. This would be helpful to low budget persons like you sells product by selling in your shops, Affiliate Marketing is done Online and the profit will be earned by seller,customer and buyer.
     Also you can promote these products on you blog and on YouTube channel and also in FB Page that's the main usage of FB Page as we discussed earlier. whenever the user clicks that link you will get commission.
     The Top Brands that promotes for affiliate is Amazon,Flip kart,Blue host,commission junction etc.,

Conclusion on Earn Money Online in India without Investment:

So Guys in this Post we have discussed Best 7 Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment and in the coming Articles we will also discuss 22 Best Ways to Earn Money Online without Investment that might be very helpful to all the people especially for the students and who really Searching for How to earn money online in India and many more.

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