All Social Media Apps Not Working - Know Details

 Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook just tweeted and Apologized and said that WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram will work in some time and will be on their way today ( Oct. 5 )but what happened by which mark Zuckerberg lost $6 - $7 Billion in just few Hours?

Why All Social Media Apps Not Working?

WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram server down

Mark Comes in the world's Top 5 Richest persons! Due to the cache problem in WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram down, the users,business mans, online entrepreneur lost by which the whole scenario is being fucked off!!

Mark Zuckerberg worth fallen to $121.6 Billion, Came on 5th position according to billionaire index view, that is very shocking. The owners got a great loss in the business of Social media account. There are approximately 300 Crores users who logout on Facebook yesterday.

The GDP of this company = 17 countries that means if Facebook is an country then there GDP is greater than that countries, think how much massive the owners are earning day by day. Mark Zuckerberg apologize that the problem is solved and users can access the platform freely.

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