True balance loan Apply Online - A Step by Step Process 2024

In this post we will Discuss the complete process to take loan on true balance app. Instant Loan within 5 minutes that might be shocked to hear because there are many fraud companies that cheat customers.After reading this post you will get 100% secure loan instantly. So This is Mohammad Imran khan and lets start with Quick steps to get loan on true Balance app.

true balance loan online

True Balance Loan Apply Online - A Quick Steps

  1. Install True Balance App from Play store.
  2. Register your Mobile No. with OTP & Password.
  3. Click "Cash Loan" Button in Dashboard
  4. Complete your KYC using Pan card & Mobile No. linked Aadhar Card.
  5. Click "Go to cash Loan" option and Select your Amount & Personal Data.
  6. Upload 3 Months statement of your Bank.
  7. Withdraw Amount into your Bank or wallet.
  8. That's All Enjoy Instant loan in 5 Minutes.
Here Interest is 5% for any Amount in this App

How to Get True balance loan Instantly - A Detailed Guide

  • Install True balance loan App from Play store

Download the true balance loan app from play store that costs mainly 30 - 35 Mb only on your mobile phone.

  • Register your Mobile No. with Otp and Password

The Common process of every application i.e., Otp Based login and creating password for future purpose and safety.

  • Click Cash Loan button in Dashboard

Simply click on Cash Loan button to avail the loan free of cost by giving your kyc and details/ Personal data .

  • Complete Your KYC to Grab Loan

The Common step for every activity of loan benefits i.e, KYC. I Hope everybody Knows what is kyc and How we can complete kyc using Pan card and Aadhar card with Mobile number linked to it.
  1. Enter Pan Card Number.
  2. Aadhar card with Mobile number and submit OTP to get successfully grab loan.

  • Click Go to cash Loan option & Select your Amount

Now the process is very quite simple after completing kyc simply click Go to Cash option, the button  available below after kyc completes.

  • Upload your Bank Statement 

The app confirms you when you upload your 3 Months bank e-statement available on Internet banking of your personalize banking like Sbi,Ubi,Icici,Hdfc etc.,

  • Withdraw Amount into your Bank or wallet

Hurrah It's Done. The whole process is completed you can simply claim or withdraw your amount into bank or any wallet. This whole process completes within 5-10 minutes in your android Mobile successfully.

Note: The Interest rate for true balance loan is approximately 5% or less or more depends upon amount selected by you.

True Balance Details:

True balance loan customer care No. 01204001028.
True Balance Follows RBI guidelines.
True Balance app is very awesome app to get instant loan.
True Balance apk is also available on Google Chrome.
True balance Provides Instant loan within 5 minutes.
That is all.


1) Is true balance loan regulated to RBI ?
Ans. Yes, true balance apk follows RBI strictly.

2) Is true balance loan is free or not?
Ans. App is completely free from external fees but...

3) Is true balance collects interest ?
Ans. Yes it collects Appr. 5% interest who pays within 4 to 6 months.

4)Is true balance provides loan to students ?
Ans. Yes, it provides to everybody who are above 18+.

5) How to get loan free of cost for students ?
Ans. Read the complete step by step Guide to get instant loan in  5 minutes.

Thanks for reading this post.

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