Why did Elon Musk tweeted Maxwell was Incredible ? Does Elon Watch IPL - Know Details in this Post

Elon Musk, The CEO of the worlds Most innovative Company Tesla just recently tweeted about Maxwell in his tweet, Then the whole Indian IPL lovers became Mad!!!

Then what all the IPL Lovers tweeted and tweeted and tweeted...  Musk was trending in India. The Tweet that musk tweeted in the reply message of the SPACE.com tweeter handle.

The Official handle of Space tweeted "Who was James Clerk Maxwell? The greatest physicist you've probably never heard of " then what our Musk replied " Maxwell was incredible ". The thought of elon musk tweeting the message can be referred to the great scientist as well as Glenn Maxwell the cricketer in the Indian premiere League (IPL) as a team member of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Why did Elon musk tweeted Maxwell was incredible

The Indian Ipl lovers are very mad and very much excited and thinks the elon musk saw ipl featuring Rcb and Rajasthan Royals in which Maxwell played well so netizens started tweeting and loving musk.

One said 

" Glenn Maxwell in #IPL2021:











What a season for Maxi with the bat, the turn around has been incredible, #RCB trusted him and given him a perfect role.

and more..more...more tweets...

But we can't say elon musk tweet referred to Glenn Maxwell or The great Physicist James clerk Maxwell. Musk know better, Thanks for reading this post hope you all are very good comment if you like this post and you can contact us for business purpose. I have wrote lots of amazing post related to Finance,Technology and more you can visit your site for interesting updates. Love you All..

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