how to increase icici credit card limit : A Detailed Guide

how to increase icici credit card limit: Hello Friends in this Article we will discuss Quick tips on how to increase icici credit card limit online in a very awesome way and if you are searching to increase the credit card limit in icici then here are the quick steps related to this topic.

How to increase icici credit card limit- A Quick Guide

  • Open icici Net Banking & Accept terms.
  • Enter OTP & log in to icici net banking.
  • In Dashboard click the Credit card option.
  • Click -Credit Upgrade- and then Continue.
  • A Pop-up appears and shows Eligibility.
  • Submit a Request for a limit increase.
  • Rewards will be transferred to the new card.

2nd Method to increase credit limit

By sending SMS to 9215676766 or 5676766 
Format :<< IBALCC< Space >Last 6 digit of your credit card number>>

Guys This is Imran and welcome to this blog and hope all my viewers are very awesome and Fit. Guys see there are many people who use Credit card in different different banks. If you are interested in a detailed guide on how to increase icici credit card limit using Net banking and by call then below is the step by step guide that are appropriate are presented below or-else you can see from the quick guide above.

how to increase icici credit card limit

How to increase icici credit card limit- A Perfect Guide

  • Open Icici Net Banking Page

Search Icici Net Banking in Google Chrome and Simply open the 1st site on the indexed pages, After Opening Icici net banking simply Enter User Id and Password and Accept terms and conditions and submit it.

  • Enter Otp and Login to icici Banking 
After Submitting the Id and Password you will receive One time Password{OTP}. Simply Enter OTP and Enter to the Dashboard of your Net Banking, The Complete Procedures Will be seen in the dashboard.

  • Click Credit card Option in the Dashboard

In the dashboard click credit card option so that the other interface will open with respect to the other Scrolling Menu. In that you will see[ Credit Upgrade>>Continue  ] then the next steps appear as a pop up ad that shows Eligibility.

  • Eligibility of your Icici Credit Card Status

The Whole Process of increase in the credit limit increase depends on this interface and in this step you will get clear that your card is eligible for upgrade or not so that there will be no confusions. Mainly after 6-12 Months you will see the upgrade option in the Eligibility Criteria.

  • Submit Request for Limit Increase

If you are Eligible for the credit card upgrade then you will get new interface to increase or submit the request for the card upgrade then up-to 7 days it may take some time to activate and transfer your reward to your account.

  • Rewards transfer

The rewards in your card may take some time to transfer into your account it may take 24 hrs or 72 hours or sometimes upto 7 days.

How to increase icici credit card limit - Conclusion

In this post we have Discussed the complete process to increase icici credit card limit online and the perfect steps to increase credit card limit online. In the previous posts we have discussed steps to increase Sbi credit card and Limit and Kotak Mahindra bank credit card limit increase in a very easiest way.


1. How to increase icici credit card limit maximum limit ?

Ans. The Bank provides the customer to increase credit limit 2 or 3 times as per the eligibility.

2. Can I pay over limit in icici credit card?

Ans. By paying over limit your card will get negative credit card balance and you have to pay them for must.

3. How to increase icici credit card limit by Sms ?

Ans. SMS [ IBALCC Last 6 digits of credit card numbeto 9215676766  or .5676766 ]

4. How to Earn Money online using Mobile Phone ?

Ans. Visit our post on our site 7 Best ways to make money online.

5. How to increase icici credit card limit through net banking ?

Ans. Read the above steps completely, in this post i have explained quick and detailed way to increase credit card limit in icici bank.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you loved this post & make sure to comment down below.

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