Billionaire Richard Liu of JD Company Settles a Lawsuit in US Rape Allegation

Chinese billionaire and founder of Company Richard Liu has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a former University of Minnesota student who claimed he sexually assaulted her in her Minneapolis apartment after a night out with wealthy Chinese executives in 2018. Attorneys for both sides announced the settlement late on Saturday. 
(No settlement amount was disclosed).

Billionaire Richard Liu of JD Company Settles a Lawsuit

Richard Liu, the former CEO of the Beijing-based e-commerce company, resigned last year in response to the increased government scrutiny of China's technology industry. Richard Liu has denied raping Jingyao Liu, and no charges were ever filed. In a joint statement, the attorneys for both parties described the incident as "a misunderstanding." The incident involving Mr. Richard Liu and Ms. Jingyao Liu in Minnesota in 2018 led to a misunderstanding.

Resulted forth a false impression that garnered considerable public attention and left a lasting impression on the gatherings and their families," the joint allegation said. "Today, the gatherings agreed to end their justifiable dispute and make peace in an effort to prevent further annoyance and suffering brought on by the claim." 

The settlement was announced only two days before the common preliminary in a Minneapolis court was scheduled to begin on Monday. A jury of seven men and five women was chosen on Friday to hear the case. Richard Liu is a household name in China. He belongs to a generation of entrepreneurs who founded the country's web, internet, cell phone, and other innovative firms in the latter half of the 1990s. Forbes estimated his wealth to be $10.9.

According to her claim, she was seeking more than $50,000, which is the minimum amount that should be documented in Minnesota in the event that the party who was offended anticipates seeking a larger amount. She was intended to ask for a jury to award much more.

 According to the allegation, Richard Liu and other officials visited a Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis the evening before the alleged assault, and one of the patrons agreed to welcome Jingyao Liu at Richard Liu's request. The powerful men toasting her made her feel compelled to partake, and Richard Liu's threat that she would insult him if she didn't was proof enough that she had to. Her sidekick exhorted police, who went to her apartment suite. Jingyao Liu let one in on true, "I was attacked anyway not that kind of attack," according to police. When mentioned to get a handle on, she changed around the discussion and said Richard Liu was famous and she was worried. She let the authority in on that the sex was "unconstrained" and she didn't completely accept that police ought to connect.

Police said they conveyed Richard Liu because "it was foggy expecting a bad behavior had truly happened." In a later gathering with an analyst, Richard Liu said the sex was consensual and the woman "participated in the whole cycle certainly."

Jingyao Liu instructed a police sergeant that she anticipated to talk with Richard Liu's criminal counselor and achieved something it takes to visit the media if she did not, in keeping with police. Richard Liu's beyond legal advisor recorded the call, wherein Jingyao Liu stated she failed to preserve up with that the case have to be in the paper and "I simply need portion coins and make an apology and there is every other aspect to it." A recording of the call have to be performed as proof at primer. Perception accounts from the bistro, the restaurant's out of doors and the halls of the girl's condominium complex have been furthermore expected to be played for valid listeners.

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