(2023) Updated Global Water Budget Definition Geography - Details Here !

The Global Water Budget is the most important concept in Hydrological and water resources Engineering. In this post, we will discuss the Complete Guide in which we can understand the Global water Budget easily and without any doubt.

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Global Water Budget

What is Global Water Budget 2023 ?

In simple words, we can define the Global water Budget as "On a Yearly basis how much quantity or amount of water is required in the hydrological cycle".

In whole Globe, the Average Yearly Precipitation is about to 100 cm(39 inches), in which we have

  1. 23% of water falls on the land.
  1. 77% of water falls on the oceans.
Global water budget definition

Global water Budget Definition 2023?

It is also Expressed as Precipitation = Evaporation + Runoff ± changes in the storage area on a yearly basis.

Global Water Budget Formula:

P = R + E ± changes in the storage in the area.

Global Water Budget - Check Out in Detail in this Video.

Global water Budget definition Geology 2023?

  • Quantity of water required on a yearly basis in the Hydrological cycle.
  • P=R+E ± S

  • Water Budget can be defined also as Measure of Amount of Water Entering = Amount of Water Leaving in a system.

From the above 3 Definitions, we can define global water budget, Global water budget Geology and the Concept of Global water Budget in the Hydrological cycle.

Applications & Points to Remember Global Water Budget 2023?

  • Water is the most important resource in human life, it is useful for Domestic, industry, and Agriculture use.
  • It is a renewable resource regionally.
  • Natural water is limited to the earth and very useful in human life.
  • The quality and quantity of water in a region will be affected by the geologic conditions.

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Hope you guys understood this topic related to global water budget and the Applications. Suggest your topics in the comment below and I will try my best to explain that topic in very simplified manner and please this post with your friends.


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