Simple Harmonic Motion definition & Characteristics 2023

The Simple harmonic motion is a very interesting topic in class 11 and also in Engineering syllabus. In this Post we will discuss characteristics of simple harmonic motion and force law for simple harmonic motion.


Simple Harmonic Motion Definition:

  • A Pendulum,a Mass on a string and many other kinds of oscillators exhibit a special kind of oscillatory motion motion known as Simple harmonic Motion.


  • The Restoring force of moving object is directly proportional to the magnitude displacement of object & acts toward object equilibrium position.

General Equation:   F=-Kx and x=Csin(nt+α)

Example: Pendulum of the Clock.


Simple Harmonic Motion in Hindi

Conclusion on Simple Harmonic Motion:

In this post we have discussed what is simple harmonic motion and definition of SHM,angular simple harmonic motion,simple harmonic motion in Hindi,examples of simple harmonic motion,time period etc.,

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  • Basic definition of SHM?

Ans: A Mass,Pendulum and other oscillators exhibit different kinds of oscillatory motion,Known as SHM.

  • Examples of SHM?

Ans: Swings,Diving board,Musical instruments,Earthquakes
are the examples of SHM.

  • Where we can get SHM notes?

Ans: Visit our YouTube Channel S.N.U Official for latest Updates.

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