22 Best ways to Earn money online in India for Students in 2021

Hey there everybody searches that while studying How they can earn,So in this article we will discuss some major ways to earn money online in India for students. How to Earn money online in India as a student in 2021,so here I am gonna tell you 21 Major Best ways to earn money online in India for students.

Best ways to Earn Money Online 22 Tips

Earn money online in India for Students
  1. Free Lancing
  2. Virtual Assistants
  3. Online Tuition's
  4. Video Influencer
  5. Blogging
  6. Internship
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Google Ads
  9. Facebook Business Expert
  10. Digital Marketing Agency
  11. Video Marketer
  12. Translation Services
  13. Network Marketing
  14. Reseller
  15. App Development
  16. Web Development
  17. Meme Marketing
  18. Content Writer
  19. Copy Writing
  20. Graphic Designing
  21. Drop Shipping
  22. Social Media Influencer
By using these Methods you you will not only earn money but also
  • Experience of Work in Future
  • Knowledge of Work
  • Bank Balance
  • Job Startup
  • Start a Business

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in 2021

 Free Lancing

An Open Aired Job known as free lancing in which you are not tied up and you are not an Employee of any Company, The People approaches you and the Income they Provide for a specified work done by you. The Scope of Free Lancing Industry will be 20 Billions to 30 Billion $ by 2050.By using these article your doubt of best ways to make money online in India.

    Due to Pandemic and Lockdown the companies will approach you because they can free from the Expenses of Hiring,Laptop,Expenses,Seat Cost,Office for the Employee. If the work can be done within the free lancers native place then they will prefer the Free lancers to avoid extra budget of the Employee.

Free Lancing Sites and Ideas:

  1. Up work
  2. Freelancer
  3. Hub staff

Virtual  Assistants

Virtual  Assistants Known as you are assisting someone using your Mobile phone or using Internet for work,You can also Explore this option and definitely you can gain Experience such as when you assist someone the next person will give a awesome knowledge.

    You can Choose your field like Admin,Social media,Calling,Operations etc.,
You can go through from your home and after gaining experience you can start a company.

Sites of Virtual Assistance:

  • Remotes jobs
  • Get Friday

Online Tuition's

You can start your Field as Online tutor and within 2026 the Online tuition's Market will reach by 319+ Billion $ because all the peoples are accepting online education due to this Pandemic started and peoples are understanding the benefits of online education. Online Tuition's is the best ways to earn money online in India for students in 2021.

    Only in India 30 Crores are going to schools and the Market is increasing day by day.

Sites for Online Tutor:

  • Tutor.com

Video Influencer

Video Influencers are increasing are day by day due to the large population,Mobile phones spreading more fastest than expected and at last the cheap price of Internet in India that no other country provides. Due to this the video Content is Increasing,as compare to reading the person is interested for watching the videos.

    80% of data consumed by the person spends on Video content,Video Influencers are Increasing day by day. You can share your ideas as you interested like
  • Gardening
  • Art
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Cooking
  • Instruments
  • Craft 
and any other videos you can create on YouTube.


Blogging is the another source in which you can earn a Massive Income by publishing some posts or article. You can start free Blogging from the official source like Blogger,the Official Platform of Google. Blogging is the major or best ways to earn money online in India for students in 2021.

    You can start by the WordPress, A paid source in which you can buy premium hosting and Domain and you can start the platform. As compared to Blogger,WordPress is better because in that platform you can do an amazing SEO which would be helpful in Ranking the Post.

If you want to learn Blogging Beginners Guide you can read our previous post regarding Blogging for Beginners 2021 Guide.


Many companies Want Internship in different ways like Accountancy,Designing and Digital Marketing/Sales etc., Many Companies Hire Different types of Internship Everyday
You can Visit INTERNSHALA site according to your skill and profile Companies will Hire you and you can earn a massive income using Internship.

Affiliate Marketing

You can start Affiliate Marketing free of cost using Amazon or Flip kart and by sharing your affiliate link and by sharing those links and if someone purchases from your link you will get awesome commission.

    You can share those links in Face book pages or what's app groups you can join in those links by visiting here. Affiliate Marketing is another Best ways to earn money online in India for students in 2021.

Google Ads

Business's want to become Digital but they won't because everybody doesn't know how to promote your business and if you learn how to optimize the ads then a lot of opportunities are available in the future.

     So Become an Add Expert so that you can earn a massive income by providing adds on your customers website/Video.

Face Book Business Expert

You can earn money by Facebook business expert so that you have to know how to run ads or you can manage as Facebook business manager and etc.,

    You can sale hire this offers from freelancers and earn a massive money by work from home method.

Digital Marketing Agency

Start Digital Marketing agency by learning Social Media Marketing like Email Marketing,Telegram,Facebook,Instagram Marketing and from YouTube Marketing. Learn these all marketing's such that this is also another Best ways to earn money online in India for students in 2021.
And More will update soon.

Conclusion of Major Best Ways to make Money Online

I have Covered these points:
  1. How to Earn Money online in 2021
  2. How to make money online as a student
  3. Best ways to make money online in 2021
  4. Major ways to make money online in United States
  5. Make Money Online from home
  6. Work from home jobs to earn money online.
  7. Best ways to Earn Money Online in India for Students


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