How to check codeigniter version - check codeigniter version in terminal

Hey Everybody, This post is very important for New Developers because in this post we will discuss how to check codeigniter version mainly for terminals or applications, etc., Lots of Developers are very tensed regarding the problem and trying how to check codeigniter version relentlessly.

    This is Imran khan and I welcomes to another Technology category. So friends lots of peoples mainly works on Continuous Integration at the beginning and they get stuck in it and they start searching how to check codeigniter version. So, as usual, they may waste their time and at last, they visit my page.

So you didn't need to worry, In this post, I will give the exact way to check codeigniter version mainly in an application, and therefore 100% you will learn to check codeigniter version.

All the Experts Love to use and it is very easy to check in the application, vendor, framework, and many more. Here is the Code to check codeigniter version

Steps on How to check codeigniter version:

  • Open the template view.
  • Check the code.

So, Friends, there are many peoples, only Use templates of view.

    How to check codeigniter version

    Check From Here

    So Guys the above codes are used to check Codeigniter versions, The above code is for codeigniter 4 and the bottom is for version 3.

    Here is Another example to check the Codeigniter version of the app, terminal, etc.,

    how to check codeigniter version

    So that's all, By using this method you can easily check codeigniter version in a terminal, application, framework, vendor or in-app, etc.,

    Simply Copy the Above image text exactly and paste and you can overcome this problem.

    How to check codeigniter version Conclusion:

    Friends in this post I have covered the most important question that every developer is searching for, hope you can overcome this problem on how to check codeigniter version in the terminal and application.

    1. I have Provided Codeigniter 3 Codes
    2. I have Provided Codeigniter 4 Codes
    3. Covered these questions using an example.

    People Also Search For:-

    1) Can I know the Version in codeigniter?

    A. Yes, Open View Template and Search in it.

    2) Which is Better codeigniter 3 or 4?

    A. Experts say codeigniter 4 is better than version 3.

    3) Is codeigniter is dead in 2021 if not it is easy to learn?

    A. No it is alive, codeigniter is considered as the easiest framework you must learn.

    4) how can I update codeigniter versions?

    A. You can check the official page to update

    Friends I hope you have learned the content related to the title if you love to see our work you can follow our YouTube channel for Tech, Blogging related content.

    Thanks for the time and stay safe.

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