How to Earn Money Online in India - 2022 Guide

Hey Everybody in this article we will discuss How to earn money online during the lockdown in India? the question that everybody is searching for! If we want to earn money online in lockdown download the application Coinswitch kuber the crypto trading app which pays awesome cash and is also promoted by Dhruv Rathee.

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How to Earn Money online using Coinswitch Kuber Overview:

The Coinswitch kuber is an online cryptocurrency platform that allows us to buy a cryptocurrency and invest and earn money, Such as Bitcoin, NEX, and Many more, etc., the Bitcoin is the only growing cryptocurrency that is going above and above and millions of users earned lakhs of rupees from investing in this app. About 2 years ago 1 BTC cost is about 10,000 to 30,000 rupees! but now 1 BTC cost is about 26 Lakhs and above. so all are investing in this and earning.

Coin switch kuber not working recently but why?

So the most trusted Website/Application is the coin switch kuber as we are expecting up to now? But all the people are very tense that the app is a scam? because the tension is correct that many Millions of users are invested in Coinswitch App. If any problem occurs you can contact owners raising tickets, Read Also this post.

How to make money online during lockdown with Coinswitch kuber?

The Team Coinswitch kuber has stopped working from 25 December to 27 December 2020, But many users are very tense that what if the app is a scam? But after 27 December 2020, the app works as usual fine. without any difficulties the goes finely.

Why everyone is in worry about Coinswitch kuber App?

How to earn money online during lockdown in India ?

So the thinking matter is that the team kuber has said earlier that the kuber app wouldn't work (only Withdrawals) of about 2 days earlier from 25 December 2020 and everyone is thinking that the app is growing faster than expected and every top YouTube channel promoted this app. The day by day the users joined, Every top you tubers in their videos have promoted this app, So everyone is thinking the app is a Scam!

How to earn money online during lockdown in India ?

How to login into the Coinswitch kuber app?

Team kuber has released the notice that the app won't work because of maintenance and after maintenance, the app runs as usual. But let us see how long it takes to maintain this app. The team kuber must solve this problem as soon as possible, And the team kuber will definitely work as soon as possible. Use VPN to Log in to the App like Ishan VPN.

How to earn money online during lockdown in India ?

How to check increasing Price in coin switch kuber app?

So this is the main tension that the app may come after 1 or 2 or 3 days or any time but users can see the increasing price of every crypto.


  • First, select the portfolio
  • Then simply click the crypto in which u have invested
  • After clicking you can see BUY and SELL options in Portfolio
  • Simply click the SELL option 
  • After clicking simply enter how much u have bitcoin-like(0.00004 BTC)
  • Now click the Preview SELL option 
  • So there u can see the current value to your invested crypto 
  • Hence, it is an easy process.

How to earn money online during lockdown

How much time does Coinswitch take to start work as usual?

How to earn money online during lockdown


So everyone tweeted and Messaged the kuber team regarding this problem, So they replied that they can't say the correct time because it may take more time as expected, The only option is the Waiting for the App to start as usual.

Coin switch kuber Buy/Sell and deposit?

The problem is due to the heavy traffic, the app doesn't work or coin switch withdrawal not working and coin switch kuber not working. We can Deposit Buy and Sell in this app but it cannot be withdrawal able.

Recently Coinswitch Kuber not working and the withdrawal problem, so all are worried that Coinswitch kuber not working and Coinswitch kuber withdrawal not working from 03 January 2021 of about 2'o clock night. All are in worry that lakhs of rupees are invested in this App from every person. we will see what's the actual problem and how to fix the problem and how to withdraw from Coinswitch kuber but now the app is working fine and many people are investing in it.

Conclusion on How to Earn money online during Lockdown?

You can make money online by using the app coin switch kuber by purchasing bitcoin, lite coin, dogecoin, and more by using this app I have earned 1500 rupees without doing any work and that might be very informative and earning full app.

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