Blogging for Beginners 2022 - A Step by Step Guide

Blogging is a Platform of GoogleBlogging for Beginners 2022 Guide So if you want to earn money through blogging so you are at the right place. So interest of Blogging is increasing day by day by the People.We will discuss about Best blogging platformsBest Blogging sites and more in this article.Hello everyone this is Md Imran khan and I welcome u all.

How to Create a Blog in 2022 and Earn Money?

Blogging for Beginners

Blogging Meaning:

So basically blogging is the passion of every interested person who wants success in your life. Blogging is the Platform of Google where we can publish our articles to help the world and can earn money. By using Blogging we can share different types of Knowledge with the world through the World Wide Web.

Blogging Meaning in Hindi:

Bhai apne kabhi school me ya college me essay writing likha hi hoga to ap samjiye ke kisi ek topic ke upar aap ko likhna hai 1000 words me aur usse internet par publish karna hai jaise ke YouTube par videos upload hoti hai.To aap Ye samjhiye ke aap ko likhna hai aur google par upload karna hai to wo ek website kehlati hai ya blogging kahlati hai. Aur usse Earning Bhi Hoti Hai.

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Blogging Platforms:

Every person who is interested in this career can work through it and there are many types of Blogging platforms like official Blogger, WordPress, Wix, and more...But the best Blogging Platform is Blogger and Word press because it is Officially Created by Python language and it is very easy to understand for each and every person, mainly for beginners in Blogging.

Blogging for Beginners in 2022:

The Scope of a career which never ends is Blogging because each and every person gains knowledge from the website and every person who will succeed in blogging can earn through it.

Hence I will suggest that Blogging for beginners in 2022 is the best opportunity to create our Passion to show the world.

Blogging Ideas:

Everyone thinks that there are not enough ideas to work on blogging so I suggest that the scope of blogging never ends, but increases every day. There are several sources for Topics to be found like there will be A Trend Runs Every day in 

  • Twitter
  • Google trends
  • YouTube

Blogging Jobs:

As we can see Now that everyone is interested in Digital Learning and Earning and a Number of people during Lockdown lost their work and the people are very worried and hence they are connected digitally like we can see our Children are learning Education through Online.

Simple the Blogging Jobs are very vast but work uniquely to the person who is humble to their work. Simply create a Blog Publish your Passion and Earn Money with it. But the Main Motto is to Gain the viewers who have visited your Article.

How to Write a Blog:

The Main Problem is the person knows everything about blogging but doesn’t know How to Write a Blog then it is a waste of time. Each and every person must know the Basic Circumstances that how to create a blog and How to Write a Post or how to write an SEO Friendly Article in Blogger. Every person who created a post of Max.1000 Words, but before post the person must check the Search Description, Tags, Labels, Permalink, Location for Traffic, and Backlinks.

How to Start Blogging:

So blogging is the career where we are the only boss! And we can do whatever we want according to our Wish and Earn money with no limit. Every successful Blogger Earns more than expected not 100$ but in Millions Using this Blogger we can create our dream into our passion.

So basically there is a Number of Videos related to Blogging on YouTube and other Platforms but U can Check Our YouTube Channel ‘The Smart Guide’ and the Basics to a high Professional Website and Earn Money. There is No need for Money to create a blog, by using the Android/PC we can create A Blog simply in 5 Minutes. For more information visit our site.

How to make Money Bogging for Beginners:

Everybody who comes in the field of blogging has the only thought that when my ad sense will be approved and when my earning gets started but my friends don’t come to this way. If you are dedicated to this field then step on, Making money is not hard in this field but thinking about how to make money blogging is very Nostalgia hence all can join blogging using affiliate Programming or affiliate Marketing, Each and everybody who is dedicated to his work in this Blogging field can earn Lakhs of Money and the scope of Blogging will be there forever. So the field of blogging is Awesome for all interested people.

How to Create Backlinks in 2022:

So everybody says differently that how to create backlinks for bloggers! But I will say that in a simple Language that Backlinks are if you wrote an article of Blogging Related tips then write another article of Blogging related tips and provide the Link in 2nd Blog of your 1st blog like:

“See my Previous article Click Here”.So if you write an article on blogging-related tips then someone who visits your blog then he will also share your blog link into their blog, so this method is called backlinks.

So everybody who is interested to learn Blogging Tips, Blogging for Beginners and How to start a blog in 2022 and Earn Money can stay to our YouTube Channel so I will be Uploading Videos Related to Blogging and Google Ad-sense, and Many More.

You have to Create High-Quality Backlinks to rank on Google.

How to get Traffic in Blogger:

So everybody creates The Blog and Works on it but the main tension the person is the Traffic in blogger, everyone who is a beginner in blogger is very worried that when will the traffic comes into their Blog and when the Google Ad-sense will approve him. But if you have come in blogger to earn money, so it’s the wrong place because every Platform you works will only succeed if they work very humble and the main source of traffic is

  • Google Questions Hub
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reedit
  • LinkedIn

And many more to gain traffic for Blogger.

People Also Search for:{FAQ}

  • Can we earn money by blogging in 2022?

Ans. Yes

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